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Nancy Bentz


Co-Founder of Shammahs Field LLC/Shammah Ministries, Certified Life Coach, Spokane, WA – USA

A love for story has been a part of Nancy’s life since childhood. As an adult, her story is one of a journey of discovery and healing at a deeply personal level.

Nancy transitioned from a long career of executive assisting in January 2012. Alongside her husband Wayne, a biblical counselor at Shammahs Field LLC, she now oversees Shammah Ministries.

Today, her passion for ministry to the hearts of others, especially women, and being a life-giving encourager is expressed best through the coaching, writing and classes she offers through Shammah Ministries. Nancy also enjoys inspirational writing at her blog, Wellspring of Life.

patjoyce2 PAT JOYCE

Pat Joyce and her husband Ed live in Wharton, Texas which is just southwest of Houston about 40 miles from the coast. They have a son and daughter; four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

On April 4, 1974, Pat had one of those Pauline experiences that are totally life changing and has spent the last 40 plus years deepening the relationship with our awesome God and studying His Word. She loves learning and went back to school in her thirties to finish a BA in History from the University of Houston and later an MS in Adult Education and Community Education from Texas A & M. She retired from the local community college in 1996 where she had served as director of the Adult Education programs for a four county area.

God had given opportunity for her to learn about computers and websites and in 1996, she along with Barbara Collins and Gay Anderson founded the God’s Word to Women website ministry. It was through this ministry that she met Cheryl McGrath.

A few years ago, Cheryl and Pat developed and taught a course together through Great South Land Ministries entitled, “She Shall Be Called Woman.” Plans have been in the making to put the course online or make it into a book and now seems to be God’s time to get it done—at least the online part. The course will be available on the Women for the Nations website.

At Ishshah’s Story, Pat will be highly involved in sharing articles on gender issues.

all thinwhite flower avatar 2x2


Charis Psallo is the pen name of a woman who, despite being a perpetual student, has only been officially qualified to do the jobs she has done by the One who assigned them. Life for her has been one big learning-on-the-job experience from performing her first operatic role at fourteen to mothering biological and foster children to teaching voice in a college setting and  privately. Her journey has taken her through mountain highs and valley lows, but she has discovered that God is always good, even though it may not have felt like it at the time.

Charis dawdled through childhood with her nose in a book. She was known as the girl who asked too many questions and started conversations with, “Did you know…” Since retiring from teaching she still regularly sets off the smoke alarm whilst simultaneously cooking dinner and asking  questions on Google search.

When she is not spending entirely too much time on the internet she can be found, with her ever-present camera, contemplating the beauty of Jesus Christ on walks in her beloved Canadian Rockies. She and her husband enjoy three inspiring adult children and their spouses and seven marvellous grandchildren. Sometimes she gets around to painting, writing essays, poems and songs, and blogging at Charis: Subject to Change.


Cheryl McGrath, Co-Founder Great South Land Ministries,  Australia

Cheryl authors the Bread for the Bride blogsite and with her husband founded Great South Land Ministries, Australia, in 1996.  She has travelled and taught in Africa, Asia, New Zealand and Australia and has facilitated small teams of women on short term international missions.

Cheryl has a ministry background in prophetic teaching with a major focus on encouraging, equipping and strengthening the corporate Bride of Christ.   She is also deeply committed to encouraging women into full and equal membership in all aspects of  life in the Body of Christ and from 2010-2012 co-authored and ran the interactive online school “She Shall Be Called Woman” along with Pat Joyce.  Cheryl expresses herself creatively through song writing, poetry and photography.

Cheryl and Peter have four adult children and one grand child and live with two crazy spaniels in Coffs Harbour on the east coast of  Australia.


  1. Hi Cherly, Pat
    Wonderful blog. I pray that many women will be freed from years of prejudice and misinterpretation of Scriptures, and released to serve Christ without any inhibitions. I am very grateful for the Women for the Nations online course as it helped me greatly in understanding my position as a woman. Blessings, Lydia, Kenya.


    • Hello Lydia, It is great to hear from you again and to know the online course you did with us has enriched your spiritual life. I hope you will also join with us here at Ishshah’s Story and even think about contributing from time to time!


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