Guest Contributor Index

We gratefully acknowledge the following people who have guest-contributed on Ishshah’s Story.

Virginia, Kenya:  Running for Cover, Steadfast in the Dark Night of the Soul, Cute Imperfections

Karen Purcell, Wales: That Woman Part 1, That Woman Part 2

Gaby Compres Batista, Dominican Republic: Your Poem

Linda Jo Reed, USA: Upheld Through Life Change

Becky Johnson, USA: Thirteen Dollars and Fifty Cents

Jory Micah, USA:  Complementarianism: Three Great Weaknesses

Cindy Bishop, USA: Let Me Not Forget

Tiffany Clark, Scotland: Scrubbing The Competition

Laurie Klein, USA:  Settler or Pioneer

Wendy Bones, Australia: She Could No Longer Hide

Paule Patterson, USA: Finding Photini – Light On The Woman At The Well

Kay Bonikowsky, USA: Find Your Voice!

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