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Ishshah’s Story is pleased to feature the poetry of guest contributor, Gaby Comprés Batista, a young woman from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She is an Early Childhood Education student who, in her words, “…loves writing poetry and encouraging others.” Enjoy more of Gaby’s inspiring pieces on her blog, In My Pocket.


i am your poem.
i have a rhyming heart and soul,
covered in your handwriting.

i am your poem.
all my bones
are shaped by your words.

i am your poem.
You have written
beauty and wonder on my skin.

i am your poem.
verses of freedom and redemption
are written in my heart.

i am your poem.
i am your song, your creation,
a fearfully and wonderfully made masterpiece.

i am your poem.
i am a glorious reflection
of your graceful heart.

i am your poem.
You are writing
dreams and beauty in me.

i am your poem,
and i know You are not done
writing me.

Inkwell pen small




New Chapter photo courtesy of Melody Lowes 2014
ink nib photo credit: Str@vinsky via photopin cc


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