The following internet resources may be helpful for encouragement, Bible study, support or research.

 Our Editing Team  

Bread for the Bride : Cheryl McGrath

Wellspring of Life : Nancy Bentz

Women for the Nations: Pat Joyce

Subject To Change: Charis Psallo

NB. Below are just a handful of the many web and blog sites available on the internet that may be referenced in relation to the role of Christian women.  Inclusion in the following list does not necessarily mean we endorse everything you may find on these sites. They are suggestions for further reading only.

Gender Equality Issues

God’s Word to Woman

Christians for Biblical Equality

The Junia Project

Equality for Women and Men in the Christian Faith


This Brother

God’s Design (Perth)

The Happy Surprise


Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual Abuse in the Church

A Cry For Justice

Wordgazer’s Words

Free At Last

Quivering Daughters



Child Abuse in the Church



Church History

Hall of Church History

Church History Timeline


Christian History Institute Magazine


    • So glad to be helpful to you. Due to other commitments Ishshah’s Story ceased posting in 2017. However, we leave the website live for that very reason… people like you might access the many articles available. Thankyou for visiting. Please feel welcome to check out the many informative posts available here.


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