Her Perfect Work

Her Voice - Her Perfect Work - Dec 2014
An Endurance Award is not what I had in mind
When my heart longed for more and quickly, but to find
You assigned me Patience as companion for the daily grind

Let Patience have her perfect work,” You said
Leaving it up to me to allow, ignore or dread
On what laborious lessons her white light might shed

While in Your hand you held the stamp ‘Complete’
This pile of dust could but tremble at the feat,
Requiring staying power where Your nature and mine need meet

“Perfect and entire,” You gave as promised end
So on Your word I followed ’round the bend
Though not quite ready to hail ‘her’ as my friend

But Patience was not named so for no reason
She, persistence with serenity in each season
Would, regardless of my mood, commit no treason

Her bills of lading came only from Your throne
Try as I might to insert efforts of my own
To hasten the work – which through each step I’ve grown

“Stay true to course, I’m right here by your side,”
Her whispered words confirmed what fears belied
What if I don’t come through the other side?

You called to trust and faith without the sight
“Lacking in nothing” to be gained through each dark night
Remaining present, not vacating ordeal’s plight

“To know Me better, higher, deeper,” was Your aim
Take on Your nature, the thorough soundness of Your Name
That in me ‘nothing’ be absent, missing or still maimed

You knew that Patience over time would yet prevail
For strength she bore and bears today when flesh would fail
Steadfastness she, though shrouded by time’s veil

Will one day prove her work was most effective –
Thorough, disciplined, committed and reflective
Of You who knew she’d never leave me stamped ‘Defective’…

And so let Patience have her perfect work.
(James 1:4)

©2014 Nancy Bentz
photo credit: sunnyUK via photopin cc


  1. Love this. I’ve seen instant miracles and I’ve seen victory at the end of a long drawn out process. They are both miracles. “Let patience have her perfect work.” Yes.
    Tribulation -> endurance -> character -> hope that does not disappoint


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