Surrounded by You

Surrounded by YouSurrounded by You – who could ask for more?
And yet we do – why are You not enough?
Hot and stifled in fires of our own making
We nearly beg you to be rough.
For where we’ve known no different
The pain flares up irreverent –
The shaking fist of anger makes You hold on only stronger
Heart’s fury is confounded when
Surrounded by You

Surrounded by You – dry ‘really?’ rolls off to land
For life feels like one long stinging whip –
Though outstretched and steady is Your nail-scarred hand,
Must hold on harder with reinforced grip.
To let go control is lethal
Still You beckon, ‘Come to Beth-El’ *
To resentful soul in such need, You offer fully paid deed
Soul’s fearing is unfounded when
Surrounded by You

Surrounded by You – You long to take us in
In spite of self, You spread your wings to hide –
Your nature soft and tender like a Mother Hen
Coaxing, loving, drawing to abide.
To resist is vainly futile,
You’ve already won the battle –
To strong emotion needing Your calm, You soothe with Gilead’s balm
Stiff stance is ungrounded when
Surrounded by You

Surrounded by You – we achingly creep closer
With longing, bringing to You unmet need
Where whispered softly to our person, ‘Yes, I chose her’
Becomes acceptance truth on which we feed
Softened, yielded we surrender
With every victory grow more tender
With seeking spirit find in our Maker, the true and not the false her
Re-claim is resounded when
Surrounded by You

Surrounded by You – our journey does continue
With grace and mercies new for every day
Bolder grow in throne’s approaching, looking to You
Shod with shoes of mercy on the way
Righteousness becomes our garment
Songs of praise replace our lament
Prison bars break down before us as we raise the Victor’s chorus
Our joy is unbounded when
Surrounded by You!

*Beth-El = House of God

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