Bread in the Land

Bread in the Land II - Unsplash by Olenka Kotyk

Cradled babe in cattle’s buffet
hay Your bed, but You the Bread
for the hungry, the greedy, the underfed

‘Feed on Me,’ You did proclaim
but love-starved scorn kept ones away
to toil for crumbs another day

To others the smell of fresh-baked Bread
enticing and warm, too hard to resist
gave new meaning to live and exist

Aroma of life and smell of death
Your scent aromatic wherever you trod
‘Fragrance of Christ’ so pleasant to God

Cradle to Cross, multitudes fed
then Bread consumed, Your body exhumed
Death couldn’t win, Life was resumed

Now multiplied loaves in multiplied lives
there’s bread in the land, not just in the hand
Kernels of wheat repeat Your great Plan

One seed not enough unless it first die
Your method reversed, save life and be cursed
lose it for You and new Life is birthed

Planted first then in bed of hay
fields of wheat ripe for harvest today
Bread of Life risen in hearts that proclaim:

‘No need to go hungry, live a malnourished life
Organic from heaven, without any leaven
He’s the fresh Bread of Heaven!’

~ You’re the Bread in the Land ~

Unsplash free photo by Olenka Kotyk

A note of encouragement: Sometimes being ‘bread in the land’ as a Christ-follower means we cast our bread on the water in various situations and relationships. I invite you to further encourage your heart in the Lord and in the waiting by reading Bread on the Waters over at

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