Welcome to Charis Psallo

DollarphotoclubwelcomeWe are very happy to announce that Charis of Charis:Subject to Change is joining us as a regular contributor to Ishshah’s Story.

This means as well as posts from the familiar voices of Nancy, Pat and Cheryl you can now look forward to interesting articles from Charis as she shares from her grace and wisdom with our readers.   Keep a look out for Charis’ first Ishshah’s Story post due some time later this month.  Welcome Charis, we are all looking forward to sharing the journey with you more closely!

And don’t forget Ishshah’s Story also welcomes guest posters, female and male.  Why not start the month by deciding to share something precious or informative from your own journey with us?  Take a look at our Guidelines and get busy…we are always waiting to hear from you!

We know we have several supportive brothers subscribed to Ishshah’s Story…..how about it, guys, we would love to have one or more of you as our guest!


Tell us your thoughts!

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