What Women These Christians Have!

Just posted on our Facebook Page: 

“Asking why today….why after two thousand years since Christ women believers are still gagged in the church, why numbers of women in leadership are still so disproportional, why I had to go back to a fourth century pagan philosopher to find this revolutionary statement: “What women these Christians have!”. Hey, we still have them! Let ’em loose guys!”

We need your story!  You need to tell your story!  Please see our guidelines for contributions and share your story with us in the way that suits you best.  I know it’s cold in many places in the world right now, but don’t hunker down and hibernate because of the weather….what you have to share can kindle a flame in the lives of others and help them take that next step into freedom.

What women these Christians have!  Do you agree?  Tell us why!

Wise woman in illuninated prayer. Photo based illustration.

Tell us your thoughts!

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